Matt Strusinski
Owner / Founder

Matt is a Navy and Air Force National Guard veteran with a total of 15 years of service, and counting. Matt has supported IT systems for the Department of Defense and defense contractor corporations with a focus on military capabilities and national defense for over a decade. The nature of his work has put him up against some of the most sophisticated and determined cyberthreats in the world. Matt’s entry to cybersecurity was an organic transition from a specialization in system administration to increasingly security-focused efforts as the cyberthreat landscape evolved into a major focus for national security and industry alike.

Matt founded Oviedo Cybersecurity Consulting with a vision to change the way industries and individuals view cybersecurity as a component of the organization. One that fulfills the need for awareness and control, rather than the past standard of cobbling together technology in an ad-hoc manner. Matt recognized that many organizations, especially smaller entities, have a hard time addressing cybersecurity and are often left on their own to engage with some of the most complex questions and most frustrating challenges of the digital age. That is, how to secure and protect computers, use of the internet, and digital systems, as well as the sensitive data they store, use, share, and process.

Matt also actively seeks out opportunities to lift up his local community through his work by community outreach and by engaging with non-profit organizations whose cause aligns with the vision of a safer, more ethically sound future for all people. Matt regularly offers pro bono services to those non-profit organizations in the hope that his efforts will have a positive impact on the community at large.




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