Cybersecurity training is a crucial aspect of creating a security-conscious culture within your organization. By conveying core cybersecurity principles to both technical and non-technical staff, you can change the way they view cybersecurity and help them to understand how to better protect your organization. Our custom-tailored training programs are designed to meet the needs of all types of employees, and can be combined with effective company policies and executive leadership to create a truly security-conscious environment.

Our training programs are broken down into three categories:

  • Executive Training: This is designed for owners and executives who are interested in reaching a new, more security-conscious market, following laws and regulations related to data protection, reducing the cost of cybersecurity insurance, and anticipating legal and cultural changes related to data protection.
  • Technical Training: This is targeted toward IT professionals who want to gain an enhanced understanding of how cybersecurity principles can make their work safer, more efficient, and more effective. Our technical training provides more detailed information about implementing cybersecurity controls and best practices.
  • Non-Technical Training: This training is targeted toward employees who do not have an IT background but work with new cybersecurity controls, such as technology and processes. Our non-technical training provides a basic understanding of the importance of cybersecurity and how employees can contribute to a security-conscious culture.

Our training programs are tailored to meet the needs of each specific audience, providing the appropriate degree of technical detail to convey the core concepts effectively. Our programs cover topics such as the organization’s cybersecurity policies, how to align efforts with those policies, and how to adapt quickly to newly implemented cybersecurity controls.

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