This service is intended to be hands-on with your in-house IT team or by your side as individuals that are familiar with the layout and makeup of your environment navigate through critical assets and demonstrate their normal administrative tasks, such as creating user accounts, enumerating system properties, checking system health reports, performing patch updates, and similar.

As your cybersecurity expert observes your environment and those that maintain it, they will assemble recommendations to help enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture, including information such as potential weakpoints in policy or practice, security controls that could be better utilized or enhanced, and other concerns worthy of your attention.

The final output of a process and policy audit is a list of recommendations for process improvement, including action items that can help you to establish a more mature cybersecurity posture that is aligned with industry best practices. These recommendations may be as simple as revising current documents or as complex as rethinking how certain IT processes are performed to align with the specific cybersecurity challenges your organization faces.

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