A table-top exercise is a critical step in ensuring that your Incident Response Plan is comprehensive and effective. These exercises simulate real-world scenarios based on probable cyberattacks, and force your team to demonstrate, observe, or reason their way through each appropriate sequence of your plan. The goal is to identify any gaps or weaknesses in your plan, and refine it to improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture and regulatory compliance.

At Oviedo Cybersecurity Consulting, we can assist you in developing a plan to implement a single table-top exercise, or create a program to make them a periodic event. Our team can simulate phishing, malware, DDoS, and other common real-world attack methods to create a realistic and challenging environment for your team.

During a table-top exercise, your cybersecurity expert can act as a moderator, advisor, incident responder, or auditor. They will ensure that your policies and processes are put to the test and any shortcomings are exposed. This allows your team to refine your incident response plan for faster, more accurate, and less costly responses in future potential real-world cybersecurity incidents. With a comprehensive and effective Incident Response Plan, you can ensure that your organization is well-prepared to handle any cybersecurity incident.

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