This service is designed as a follow-on to a Penetration Test and the subsequent remediation or mitigation efforts taken in response to the vulnerabilities identified during the test. It is important for your organization’s IT team not only to address these vulnerabilities, but also to document how they were addressed and follow up to ensure that the controls put in place are effective. Having an external entity validate these efforts can add weight to your testing and validation reports and assure regulators, clients, and business partners that your organization is taking steps to enhance its cybersecurity posture.

When you request this service, your cybersecurity expert will review your IT team’s remediation or mitigation report, develop a validation testing plan, and coordinate efforts with your IT team to gather artifacts and evidence that demonstrate the effectiveness of the controls put in place. The cybersecurity expert will then review the artifacts and evidence for authenticity, develop a validation testing report, and provide you with a signature on company letterhead that states the results of the validation, including any caveats or shortcomings. This service provides an extra layer of assurance to your organization’s cybersecurity efforts and can help build trust with stakeholders.

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