The Vetting Vendors and Service Providers service offered by Oviedo Cybersecurity Consulting provides a way for organizations to assess the cybersecurity posture of potential business partners, service providers, or vendors. Cybersecurity risk extends beyond an organization’s own systems and can impact the supply chain, making it critical to evaluate the security of external parties that an organization may work with.

Vetting vendors and service providers can be a time-consuming and challenging process, as it requires knowledge of cybersecurity industry standards, best practices, and the ability to accurately cross-reference sources. By leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods and tools, Oviedo Cybersecurity Consulting’s cybersecurity experts can efficiently assess a vendor’s or service provider’s overall cybersecurity posture and evaluate potential risks.

When you engage Oviedo Cybersecurity Consulting to vet a vendor or service provider, you can expect a thorough review of articles, case studies, and disclosures related to the subject in question, along with an analysis of trends in their cybersecurity maturity relative to modern threats. Your cybersecurity expert will provide a written summary of their findings and make a risk-based recommendation on whether or not to proceed with the vendor or service provider. This service helps organizations make informed decisions about their business partners and ensure that their supply chain is as secure as possible.

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